Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hinduism - My View

Hinduism – My View

The concept of religion is one that has put me in great thought over the years. Although I am from a family that follows Hinduism, over time I have begun to disapprove of it.

The very way the religion works is something that I cannot approve of. Its ideals are forced more on the basis of fear more than anything else. There is one god for every single aspect of life, from wealth and clothes, to power and success. It works like this; you need to pray to each of these gods in order to ensure that each and every aspect of your life goes on well. And from the thousands of these gods if you fail to pray to some of them, they will be angered by your ignorance and will look to it that your life becomes a mess. Also if a certain temple is ignored so to speak, you are going to have a bad life and lots of physical problems too. If all this is supposed to be true, then it would also imply that god was a selfish attention seeking bitch who wants nothing but attention from the followers part and doesn’t give a damn about of true your heart really is and how much effort and time you have put into all of this. There are stories by many so called followers and devotees to the religion who say that they have had a first-hand experience on the existence of these gods and have experienced their powers (it seems). Although I cannot say anything about that, but I haven’t experienced anything on my part and neither has many of the greatest and truest devotees I have ever seen.

The next thing about this whole religion that bothers me a lot is the Jyolthsan (aka Soothsayer). Picture this a guy sits with crossed legs, a saffron loin cloth around his waist and another cloth of the same colour around his body, wearing beads across his neck, and three white lines on his fore head. You are supposed to tell him your birthday, your birth time and some other details about yourself so that he can make his so called calculations and predict how your life is going to turn out. He sits over there with his “mystical” board messes around with some grains of rice or some other bull shit separates them whilst closing his eyes and *walla* he is supposed to know about our future. It’s all done on the basis of some certain calculations. First, he gets your birthday, with that he knows your age, and the birth time – well that’s just for show. Then when he sees your family and your face and how you look or how someone else has described your life to him, it is easy for him to make a prediction. For example, he sees a guy who is in his late 50’s and his dad is in his late 80’s and is sick. It is easy for him to make the prediction that he is going to have a bad time in his near future because well as old age comes forth , problems are inevitable, both physical and mental strain begins to build up. A person begins to worry about his old dad and wonders how life is going to unfold and also the stress because of a young son still in his teens whose future he has to take care of. All the soothsayer has to do is analyze all these aspects and then he gets out your future and then he makes some other random guesses using the word maybe and if they do turn out true good for him and his popularity increases.

Another thing about Hinduism is the whole pooja and fasting bit. That’s another thing that is totally lame. Stupid dates, stupid days, one on full moon, one on no moon, one before exams, one to this god , one to that god, I meant what the hell? If you do this you are going to get a certain bonus or improvement in this certain aspect of life. If you are going to do that pooja you are going to have conclusive improvement in some other aspect of life. As far as I see it, it is like a strategy game like “Age of Empires” or “Rise of Nations”. You do certain upgrades in the workshops, barracks or granary you are going to have successive improvements in your soldiers and efficiency of villagers. Are you telling me that religion really works that way and is that simple? And what about the people who haven’t got desired outcomes after doing all this millions of times. It just cannot be right.
All in all some of the greatest aspects of this religion have come under great scrutiny and questioning and in my heart I can’t find a way that I can accept this religion as my own. I am open to any sort of questions and am not mocking any of the devotees of the religion. Hope you all have put your mind to thought after reading this too.